18 Important English Prepositions

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Below are English Prepositions that you will use daily.  I will give you sentences with each word to help you learn faster.  Just click on the link below and enjoy!

1.  To
3. In
5. On
7. At
9. From
11. About
13. Over
15. Beneath
17. Above

2. Of
4. For
6. With
8. By
10. Up
12. Into
14. After
16. Under
18. Between

The 18 videos above will give you many examples of these common prepositions. Below I will give you one example from each preposition for you to see.

She will go to the movies.

Many of his friends are here.

They are in the house.

He has come to town for many reasons.

The pen is a lying on the table.

She will go with him to the shopping center.

We need to be at the store at 6 o'clock.

I will go by his house to see if he is there.

We are from Germany.

The plane flies up into the sky.

The book is about a woman who goes to Ireland.

The ball went right into the box.

I put my hand over her head.

She will come to our house after 7 o'clock.

My hand is beneath the table.

The man walked under the bridge.

My hand is above the table.

The man sits between two women.

A good idea to help you learn vocabulary quicker is to go to Google News and type in the word that you are learning.  You will get the latest headlines about that word, so it will be more relevant to you.  You can also have Google read it to you and that way, you can practice your pronunciation.

I will be making more videos about English prepositions, so make sure to follow my blog and sign up for my FREE Newsletter.  I will tell you when I have new lesson for you.  

Thanks for your time and happy learning!!   David

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