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Fast English, Issue #002 -- Photos, Socrates, Jobs and More
August 18, 2013
Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my second "Fast English" Newsletter!!

Below are some videos to help you learn English more quickly:

Do you have an Ipod, Ipad, Iphone or some other Apple product? If so, you'll love the video below!

The Man Behind Apple!

Do you think about life and why we are here?

So did this man 2500 years ago!

Taking pictures is fun. I'll show you how to do some fun things with your photos.

Fun with English: Photo Editing

Part 2   and  Part 3

I've started teaching in the high school this week, so I might be a little busy.  Don't worry though, I'll still be making many more free lessons for you.

If you have a suggestion for a lesson, please go here and tell me about your idea!

Thanks so much for your time and happy learning!

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