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Fast English, Issue #003 -- Syria, Dr. King, Pronunciation and More!
September 01, 2013
Hello Everybody!

Welcome to my third "Fast English" Newsletter!!

The Syrian Government might have used chemical weapons.  Learn English and a little background of the civil war.  I would love to hear YOUR COMMENTS about the situation in Syria.   It's  a great way for you  to improve your  English.

50 Years ago Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. changed America and the world with his "I Have a Dream Speech."  See where it happened and learn a little about his life.  Plus go to my biography page for more great people!!

I made three videos to help your English:

English Pronunciation Practice

Common English Expressions! and

8 Common English Mistakes

I have been adding to the English Prepositions page.  I'm up to the 10 most used prepositions.  7 more to go!

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Thanks so much for your time and HAPPY LEARNING!!

David Claussen

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