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Fast English, Issue #005 -- Bolivia, Napa Valley Movies and More!
November 17, 2013
Hello Everybody!

I had a fun time making English videos for you.  Click any of the links below and happy learning:

Travel English:
Learn About Wine from Napa Valley, California
Amazing Salt Flats in the country of Bolivia

The Latest News from the Haiyan Typhoon

America's Number 1 Book involves Witches and Ireland. You might like this!

Ender's Game is Science Fiction and it Made Over 28 Million Dollars

Singers Eminem and Rihanna are Still Selling a lot of Music.  Learn the vocabulary from their latest Song!

I will be making more videos for you in the coming week!

Do you have friends who are learning English?  If so, please tell them about my Free Lessons by going here:

Thanks so much for your time!

David Claussen

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