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Fast English, Issue #006 -- Catching FIRE, Katy Perry and More
December 01, 2013
Hello Everybody!

We had Thanksgiving in America and I did eat too much.  However, I did make some video lessons for you.  I hope you enjoy them!

First, I finished up the 18 most important prepositions in the English language.  Take a look here:   I also got a great tip on English prepositions from a viewer of my channel.

The movie Catching Fire made over 158 million dollars.  

Do you know what heaven is? Would you like to receive a call from heaven? It's a best selling book to make you think about the Afterlife.

Katy Perry is a very popular singer around the world.  Learn some English from her song called ROAR.

I will be making many more lessons for you.  If you have friends that are learning English, please tell them about my site.

Thanks for your time and happy learning!

David Claussen

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