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You can learn English pronunciation by taking some time each day to practice.  It takes time but you will get better each day and in a short amount of time, your fluency will improve and you'll be more like a native speaker. 

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Vowels are words that have the letters a, e, i, o, u in them.  Let's start first with the vowels!

/a/ sat, cat, pat, rat, tap, rap

/ae/ tape, day, pain, cain, they, eight

/air/ air, affair, fair, dare, pair

/ar/ car, tar, far, bar

/e/ Fred, said, head

/ee/ creep, seep, heap, peep, sweet

/eer/ hear, deer, fear

/er/ bur, swerve, curve, computer

/i/ pit, kit, pig, wanted

/ie/ tight, fight, light, fly, kite

/o/ talk, watch

/oa/ coat, soap, bow, poke

/oi/ toy, boy, coy, Roy

/oo (short)/ took, cook, put, would, 

/oo (long)/ soon, stew, blue, fruit

/ow/ mouse, down, cow, brown

/or/ pork, ball, tall, saw, law

/u/ rug, dug, glove, shove

/ur/ turn, first, teacher

/ue/ cube, Youtube, new, stew

Consonants are all the other letters in the English alphabet.  Let's practice those!

/b/ bug, boy, busy, bother

/c/ /k/ Carol, cat, key, puck, quit

/ch/ chicken, catch, watch

/d/ don't, dog, dad

/f/ fine, fish, coffee, phone, photo, rough

/g/ go, peg, gone

/h/ hole, whole, hat, happy

/j/ giant, Jack, jump

/ks/ sox, box, talks, rocks

/l/ tell, lip, let, lime

/m/ man, mat, matter, mom

/n/ nice, dinner, knee, knock

/ng/ ping, ding, ring, sing

/p/ paper, pat, pull, happy

/r/ rat, berry, ran

/s/ city, mice, site, see

/sh/ ship, paasion, mission, station, chef

/t/ tick, tap, let, debt

/th/ thought, thrush, thump

/v/ Vick, vet, vice, violent

/w/ win, wet, wheel, walk

/y/ yawn, yes 

/z/ zip, is, fizz, cheese

A viewer to my channel had a question about something, so I made the video, An English Pronunciation Lesson that will help you out.  

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