Basic English Grammar: 4 Videos to Help You Get Started!

I made these basic English grammar videos to help beginning students to get started.  I was just working with a couple of students and they didn't understand these basic verbs, so I put together four videos to help others to get started.  

I also wanted to make sure that students could learn more into the future, so I will give you ideas on how to do that.


The video below will help you better understand the verb 'to be.'  I will explain how we use it in many different tenses like the present, past and future.

The next video deals a little bit with the verb 'to do.'  It has many forms and is used a lot in the language.  I'll show you some of the times that you can use it and more.

The final video is about the different types of verbs and how you can use them with writing, speaking and much more.

I will give a few examples of sentences below to help you get started.  It's best to go to Google News and type in the word yourself.  You will learn more real English that way.  

I have a dog.  She has a dog.  They have a dog.

I do the laundry every day.  She does the laundry every day. 

I did the laundry yesterday.  She did the laundry yesterday.

I go to school every day.  Yesterday, I went to school.  

I am from Colorado.  You are from Russia.  He is from Germany.

The sentences above are very basic English grammar.  Everybody is at a different level and that's why I have different pages on my site.  

If you are just starting out: go to my beginning English page.  For other levels, follow my BLOG because I do videos about movies, books, music and much more to have you enjoy learning more English.  

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