Basic English Lessons

Basic English lessons for beginning students.  This is the place to get started. Just click any link below and have FUN learning.

You can learn a typical beginning conversation that I have with my students.  Click the link below and you will get the page.  Happy learning!

A basic English lesson

This video is long, but many viewers wanted to work on pronunciation.  

I took the 100 most used words and gave a sentence with each word.  

I hope it helps you!

Click Here for Basic English Speaking

Learn the basic numbers of English.  You will start from one and listen to numbers into the millions. Please comment below if you liked the lesson!

Learn English Numbers

Wikipedia lists the 100 most common words used in the English Language.  I will read each word and give you a sentence.  Have fun!

100 Common English Words

You will learn the English alphabet.  I made two videos and you will learn 200 common English nouns with the alphabet.  

Part 1               Part 2

Learn some common English math terms like plus, minus, divide and multiplication.  Students can really profit from this lesson.

Common Math Terms

Basic English Grammar for Beginning Students

Common English Expressions You Must Know!

These are some common mistakes that many of my students make.  

Speak English for Beginners

English Conversation Practice

English Exercises for Vocabulary, Grammar and Other Online Exercises

Basic English Pronunciation Practice for Beginning Students

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