Basic English Speaking 1: 1 to 100 Most Frequently Used Words

Basic English Speaking is a Series of Beginning English Videos for the 500 most frequently used English words according to the book, "The ESL Teacher's Book of Lists" by Jacqueline E. Kress.

I will list the words below and include a basic sentence with each word.  The video is great for pronunciation and using the word in context.

The 100 Most Frequently Used English Words:

The- The man is happy.

Of- The color of his car.

And- The man and the woman sang a song.

A-  A man and a woman sat down. 

To- He will go to the store.

In-  The dog is in the house.

Is-  She is happy.

You-  You are here.

That-  That is a car.

It-  It is a car.

He-  He is a boy.

Was-  He was here.

For-  Go for it!

On-  The ball is on the floor.

Are-  We are in the house.

As-  You are not as big as I am.

With-  He will be with her.

His-  That is his coat.

They-  They are here.

I-  I am very happy.

At-  She is at the movies.

Be-  I will be with her.

This-  This is their favorite movie.

Have-  We have a car.

From-  She is from Russia.

Or-  Go here or there.

One-  She is number one.

Had-  They had a dog.

By-  The book is by the shelf.

Word-  That is a nice word.

But-  She is here, but she is sleeping.

Not-  That is not her coat.

What-  What are you doing?

All-  All of them are here.

Were-  They were here.

We-  We love sports.

When-  When are you coming?

Your-  Your car is outside.

Can-  I can play basketball.

Said-  She said to come home.

There-  There are four people outside.

Use-  I will use the car.

An-  That is an elephant.

Each-  Each player is on the field.

Which-  Which movie do you want to see?

She-  She is at school.

Do-  I will do my homework.

How-  How are you?

Their-  That is their car.

If-  If you play outside, then you should take a coat.

Will-  I will watch television.

Up-  Go up the stairs.

Other-  That is on the other side.

About-  The book is about a boy.

Out-  Go out of the house!

Many-  Many people are at the party.

Then-  If you come, then have some fun.

Them-  I will talk with them.

These-  These are my friends.

So-  So what?

Some-  Some people will come to my house.

Her-  That is her shirt.

Would-  I would like a hamburger.

Make-  I will make a cake.

Like-  I like my computer.

Him-  She likes him.

Into-  I will go into the house.

Time-  What time is it?

Has-  She has a pencil.

Look-  I will look for my friend.

Two-  There are two balls outside.

More-  There are more people in the house.

write-  I will write a sentence.

Go-  She will go to the movies.

See-  I can see my friends.

Number-  That is the number two.

No-  There are no balls outside.

Way-  That is the way home.

Could-  Could I see your room?

People-  There are many people at the party.

My-  My car is new.

Than-  She is bigger than he is.

First-  She came in first place.

Water-  I drink water every day.

Been-  I have been to the movies.

Call-  I will call my friend later.

Who-  Who are you?

Oil-  I put oil in my car.

Its-  Its color is very nice.

Now-  We must go now.

Find-  I will find my keys.

Long-  The string is long.

Down-  I will go down the stairs.

Day-  The day is beautiful.

Did-  I did my homework.

Get-  I will get a pencil.

Come-  She will come home.

Made-  I made breakfast.

May-  May I go to the bathroom?

Part-  You need that part of the sentence.

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