Basic English Speaking 2: 101 to 200 Most Frequently Used Words

Basic English Speaking Part Two.  Go Here for Part One.

This came from my Youtube channel and my most popular video.  Beginning English students wanted some basic vocabulary practice, so I decided to do the top 500 words.  It's great for pronunciation and just getting a feel for the English language.

I got the words from, "The ESL Teacher's Book of Lists" by Jacqueline E. Kress.  You can buy the book at Amazon.  

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Over-  You need to flip the book over.

New-  She bought a new car.

Sound-  The sound from the house is loud. 

Take-  I will take my bag with me.

Only-  She is the only person here.

Little-  That is a little dog.

Work-  They work every day.

Know-  We know how to make an omelette.

Place-  The place is right around the corner.

Year-  We had a great year.

Live-  We live near the ocean.

Me-  She told me to hurry.

Back-  We need to go back.

Give-  They give money to the church.

Most-  Most people like to sing on their birthday.

Very-  We liked the meal very much.

After-  They came after we did.

Thing-  That thing is over there.

Our-  That is our house.

Just-  You came just in time.

Name-  My name is David.

Good-  That is a good dog.

Sentence-  She wrote a long sentence.

Man-  That man is very big. 

Think-  I think I will eat steak tonight.

Say-  They say we should read more.

Great-  You have a great car.

Much-  How much does that cost?

Before-  You should eat a good breakfast before school.

Mean-  She has a mean cat.

Old-  I am an old man.

Boy-  The boy is happy in school.

Follow-  I need to follow them.

Also-  She is also learning English.

Around-  She drove around the building.

Where-  Where are you from?

Help-  They help people all of the time.

Through-  I walked through the door.

Line-  We must stand in line for a while.

Right-  We need to turn right at the next light.

Too-  That watch costs too much.

Any-  You can come any time that you want.

Same-  We have the same shirt.

Tell-  They will tell them to come here.

Came-  She came to our party.

Want-  I want a Pepsi.

Show-  She will show them her house.

Form-  That form is difficult to fill out.

Three-  We have three pencils.

Small-  That is a small computer.

Set-  They need to set the plate down.

Put-  She put her foot down.

End-  The end is coming.

Does-  She does not like spinach.

Another-  We had another friend come by.

Well-  He did very well.

Large-  She drank a large Coke.

Must-  We must watch that game.

Big-  We have a big house.

Even-  Two is an even number.

Such-  We had such a good time.

Because-  We ate a sandwich because we were hungry.

Turn-  We will turn the wheel.

Here-  We are here right now.

Why-  Why did they come?

Ask-  I will ask them again.

Went-  She went home.

Men-  There are five men inside.

Read-  I read every day.

Need-  I need to eat.

Land-  The land is expensive.

Different-  They have a different opinion.

Home-  I will go home.

Us-  She bought us dinner.

Move-  They will move home.

Try-  I will try again.

Kind-  She is a kind person.

Hand-  Her hand is big.

Picture-  I took a picture.

Again-  They came again.

Change-  We will change cars.

Off-  Please turn the lights off.

Play-  I will play with my friends.

Spell-  I need to spell that word.

Air-  The air is nice.

Away-  I will go away.

Animal-  A cat is an animal.

House-  We have a nice house.

Point-  She made a good point.

Page-  Please write on the page.

Letter-  She wrote a nice letter.

Mother-  My mother is here.

Answer-  She gave a good answer.

Found-  I found my keys.

Study-  I study every day.

Still-  She is still at home.

Learn-  I will learn about a new book.

Should-  We should go home.

American-  She is an American.

World-  The world is small.

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