Basic English Speaking 3: 201 to 300 Most Frequently Used Words

Basic English Speaking Part Three.  Click Here for Part One and Here for Part Two.

The most popular English lesson on my Youtube channel came from a video called Basic English Speaking.  Many people want beginning vocabulary lessons, so I decided to do the top 500 most frequently used words in the English language.  They came from the book "The ESL Teacher's Book of Lists" by Jacqueline E. Kress.

It's really great for English pronunciation.  Enjoy the video and the sentences below!

High-  She threw the ball very high in the air.

Every-  Every student is in the classroom.

Near-  My house is near my work.

Add-  I will add that to my list.

Food-  I'm hungry and need some food.

Between-  My house is between two buildings.

Own-  I own my car.

Below-  My hand is below the table.

Country-  What country are you from?

Plant-  I have a green plant.

Last-  That is the last time that I will do that.

School-  My school is near my house.

Father-  My father works in an office.

Keep-  I will keep those books.

Tree-  I have a big tree in my backyard.

Never-  I never go to the movies.

Start-  I will start a new book.

City-  He lives in a big city.

Earth-  Earth is the third planet from the sun.

Eye-  I have two eyes.

Light-  The light is very bright.

Thought-  I thought we could go to the movies tonight.

Head-  He has a big head.

Under-  We will walk under the bridge. 

Story-  She told a long story.

Saw-  I saw my friend in the park.

Left-  I left my notebook at school.

Don't-  I don't like to eat fish.

Few-  Few people like to eat raw eggs.

While-  We could call our friend while we wait.

Along-  We will walk along the road.

Might-  We might go to the movies tonight.

Close-  Please close the door before you go.

Something-  She gave me something to read last night.

Seem-  They seem to watch basketball every night.

Next-  The next time I'll pay for lunch.

Hard-  My homework is very hard.

Open-  She needs to open up the door.

Example-  Her work is a good example of perfection.

Begin-  I need to begin my homework.

Life-  My life is great.

Always-  I will always be there for you.

Those-  Those people are in my class.

Both-  Both of us need to work on our homework.

Paper-  We will write a nice letter on paper.

Together-  We will build a sand castle together.

Got-  I got a present for my birthday.

Group-  There is a big group of people standing outside.

Often-  How often do you read a book?

Run-  I run around the track once a week.

Important-  She has an important job.

Until-  I can stay until 10:00 PM.

Children-  The children are happy.

Side-  The right side of my face is red.

Feet-  Most people have two feet.

Car-  My car is red.

Mile-  I ran a mile yesterday.

Night-  The night is dark.

Walk-  I walk around the block every day.

White-  I like the color white.

Sea-  The sea is fun to fish in.

Began-  I began a new book.

Grow-  She will grow a few more inches.

Took-  I took my friend to the movies.

River-  The river is long.

Four-  I have four friends waiting for me.

Carry-  I need to carry my backpack.

State-  California is a big state.

Once-  Once upon a time, there was a happy family.

Book-  I read a book in four hours.

Hear-  I hear my friends singing all of the time.

Stop-  You must stop at a red light.

Without-  I will go to the movies without her.

Second-  The second I hear something, I'll let you know.

Later-  He will come later.

Miss-  I miss my girlfriend.

Idea-  I have a good idea about how I could do it.

Enough-  I have enough of eating candy.

Eat-  I will eat later this evening.

Face-  My face got red when I saw him.

Watch-  I need to watch my little brother.

Far-  She will travel far for her job.

Indian-  Indian is an old word.

Real-  He wears a real Rolex.

Almost-  He almost won the game.

Let-  He let the girl drive his car.

Above-  My hand is above my hand.

Girl-  She is a nice girl.

Sometimes-  She sometimes shops downtown. 

Mountain-  He climbed a tall mountain.

Cut-  He cut his hand with the knife.

Young-  He is a young boy.

Talk-  I talk with my friends once a week.

Soon-  He will soon come to my house.

List-  He made a long list for the store.

Song-  She sang a beautiful song.

Being-  She is being happy with her new job.

Leave-  I will leave at 1:00 PM today.

Family-  My family lives in Denver, Colorado.

It's-  It's great that they came to my party.

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