Basic English Speaking 4: 301 to 400 Most Frequently Used Words

Basic English Speaking Part Four.  Click Here for Part 1 and Here for Part Two and Here for Part Three.

You can read the sentences below this video.  This lesson is really great for English pronunciation. 

Body-  She has a nice body.

Music-  We love to listen to music.

Color-  My favorite color is yellow.

Stand-  I will stand in line.

Sun-  The sun is very bright.

Questions-  We have a lot of questions.

Fish-  The fish swim in the ocean.

Area-  The rectangle has a big area.

Mark-  The teacher put a mark on the paper.

Dog-  My dog loves to fetch the ball.

Horse-  She rides her horse once a week.

Birds-  The birds are flying in the air.

Problem-  There was a problem with that student.

Complete-  I need to complete that form.

Room-  I work in a big room.

knew-  I knew her for a long time.

Since-  Since yesterday, I learned a lot.

Ever-  Have you ever been to Colorado?

Piece-  I would like a piece of pie.

Told-  I told her to come here.

Usually-  She usually comes here in the morning.

Didn't-  They didn't see them.

Friends-  She has a lot of friends.

Easy-  That assignment was easy.

Heard-  I heard them talking.

Order-  I need to order a new dress.

Red-  Red is my favorite color.

Door-  Could you please close the door?

Sure-  Are you sure about that?

Become- I will become an actor.

Top-  I am on top of the world.

Ship-  We sailed on the ship.

Across-  We walked across the street.

Today-  I will go to the movies today.

During-  We talked a lot during the game.

Short-  She wrote a short essay.

Better-  He is a better basketball player than he is.

Best-  That restaurant has the best food.

However-  She came home; however, she left shortly.

Low-  My batteries are low.

Hours-  We played basketball for hours.

Black-  My car is black.

Products-  The store has many products.

Happened-  It happened so quickly.

Whole-  He ate the whole pie.

Measure-  She will measure the size of her room.

Remember-  I need to remember to call him.

Early-  The students came early to class.

Waves-  The ocean has many waves.

Reached-  We reached the other side of the lake.

Listen-  I need to listen more in class.

Wind-  The wind blew everything around.

Rock-  That rock is very heavy.

Space-  The astronauts flew out into space.

Covered-  I covered myself with a blanket.

Fast-  She drove her car very fast.

Several-  There are several people waiting outside.

Hold-  I need to hold my breath under water.

Himself-  He drove himself to the hospital.

Toward-  I walked toward the building.

Five-  I have five fingers on my hand.

Step-  I took one step up the stairs and turned around.

Morning-  They drink coffee every morning.

Passed-  She passed the papers out during class.

Vowel-  The letter 'a' is a vowel.

True-  She made a true statement.

Hundred-  There are a hundred people waiting outside.

Against-  The team played against the other town.

Pattern-  Math has many patterns.

Numeral-  There are many numerals in math.

Table-  We ate dinner on the table.

North-  We will travel to the North Pole.

Slowly-  We walked slowly down the street.

Money-  He made a lot of money.

Map-  We needed a map to find the city.

Farm-  We grew a lot of vegetables on the farm.

Pulled-  He pulled the trailer with his truck.

Draw-  She likes to draw clowns.

Voice-  She sings with a pretty voice.

Seen-  I have seen that movie before.

Cold-  It is cold outside.

Cried-  The baby cried for one hour.

Plan-  They made a plan to come over.

Notice-  She needs to notice the people walking by.

South-  They would like to see the South Pole.

Sing-  She will sing to the church.

War-  The two countries had a war.

Ground-  The ground got wet from the rain.

Fall-  The apples fall down from the tree.

King-  The king ruled the country.

Town-  She grew up in a little town.

I'll-  I'll go to the store later.

Unit-  There is one apartment unit.

Figure-  She has a nice figure.

Certain-  He is certain about his plans.

Field-  We walked across the field.

Travel-  They travel every year.

Wood-  He made a mirror out of wood.

Fire-  I started a fire when I went camping last week.

Upon-  Once upon a time there was a happy king.

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