Basic English Speaking 5: 401 to 500 Most Frequently Used Words

Basic English Speaking Part Five.  Click the following links for past lessons:

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I hope you enjoy the video and you can learn from the sentences below the video.

Done-  I have done my homework.

English-  We love learning English.

Road-  We drove our car down the road.

Half-  They ate a half of pizza.

Ten-  People have ten fingers.

Fly-  The plane will fly away.

Gave- She gave me a nice gift.

Box-  I put the crayons in the box.

Finally-  He finally finished his homework.

Wait-  He will wait outside.

Correct-  Your sentence was correct.

Oh-  Oh no!  What have you done?

Quickly-  She moves very quickly.

Person-  She is a nice person.

Became-  He became a great basketball player.

Shown-  He has shown her what his school looks like.

Minutes-  We are minutes away from the ending.

Strong-  He is a strong guy.

Verb-  We will learn about verbs in school.

Stars-  There are many stars in the sky.

Front-  They are sitting in the front.

Feel-  I feel good.

Fact-  Science has a lot of facts.

Inches-  The table is 20 inches long.

Street-  We walked down the street.

Decided-  They decided to stay home.

Contain-  The can contains fruit.

Course-  History is a fun course.

Surface-  The surface is smooth.

Produce-  The factory will produce more goods.

Building-  We work in a large building.

Ocean-  The ocean is blue.

Class-  The class was long.

Note-  I wrote a note for my friend.

Nothing-  There is nothing here.

Rest-  We will rest for a few minutes.

Carefully-  The animal moved very carefully.

Scientists-  There are many scientists in the lab.

Inside-  My jacket is inside the house.

Wheels-  A car has four wheels.

Stay-  We will stay home.

Green-  The grass is green.

Known-  I have known her for a long time.

Island-  Hawaii is an island.

Week-  There are seven days in a week.

Less-  He worked less last week.

Machine-  The machine is working well.

Base-  The base is firm.

Ago-  I was here many years ago.

Stood-  He stood there for a while.

Plane-  The plane flys well.

System-  The computer system works well.

Behind-  She stood behind him.

Boat-  The boat floats in the water.

Game-  The game ended well.

Force-  He used force to open the door. 

Warm-  It's warm inside the house.

Common-  We have a common friend.

Bring-  He needs to bring his jacket.

Though-  It looks as though he will come.

Language-  We like the English language.

Shape-  He is in good shape.

Yes-  Yes, it worked well.

Clear-  He needs to clear his desk.

Equation-  Math has many equations.

Ran-  She ran four miles.

Round-  A circle is round.

Brought-  He brought his bike to school.

Understand-  I understand the problem.

Explain-  We will explain the situation.

Dry-  Her skin is dry.

Deep-  The lake is deep.

Thousands-  There are thousands of people in the stadium.

Yet-  He made yet another play.

Government-  The government makes laws.

Filled-  I filled up the tank.

Heat-  Fire gives us heat.

Full-  The tank is full.

Hot-  It is hot outside.

Check-  He wrote a check for the payment.

Object-  There are five objects on his desk.

Am-  I am happy.

Rule-  There are many rules in school.

Among-  They are among us.

Noun-  Nouns are things.

Power-  There is a lot of power from the engine.

Cannot-  He cannot come over.

Able-  He is able to write a paragraph.

Six-  There are six people in the classroom.

Size-  He has a big size of shoes.

Dark-  It is dark at night.

Ball-  We play with the ball.

Material-  She has a lot of materials in his bag.

Special-  They had a special date.

Heavy-  The books are heavy.

Fine-  The policeman gave a fine.

Pair-  We have a pair of shoes.

Circle-  We drew a circle.

Include-  We need to include them.

Built-  We built a house.

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