A Basic English Lesson

This basic English lesson will teach you a simple conversation that I have with many of my students when they first arrive in America.  There are 2 videos to help you understand the conversation down below.  I hope it helps you!

Here is a link to the English Conversation Lesson!



Hi! I'm David.

Nice to meet you.

Are you from around here?

Guatemala! What's it like there?

How long have you been here?

Your English is great!

Very cool.  Well it's great to talk with you.  

See you later!

Hi! I'm Joe.

Nice to meet you too.

No, I'm from Guatemala.

It's very beautiful.  There are many great beaches and mountains there.

I've been here for a couple of days.

Thank you, but I'm still practicing. I learned it from some Youtube lessons.

You too.  Take care.

This is Part 2 of English Conversation Practice

The Next Day

Good Morning (Afternoon) (Evening)

How do you like America?

How's the food?

Let me know if I can help you in any way.

No problem.  It's 303-555-5896

Sounds good.  Take care!

Good Morning!

It's great! The people have been nice to me and I've seen many cool places.

I like it. I've eaten steak, hamburgers, hot dogs and buffalo wings.  

Thank you. Could I have your phone number in case I need to call or text you?

Thanks again!  Well I have to go.

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