English Idioms

Learn English Idioms from the videos that I make.  I get the ideas from the best videos from around the world.

"Don't Let Me Down"  You'll love this song from a very young boy.

You can learn "Head in the Clouds" from music.

In trials you will here the idiom, "Take the Stand."  Click on this video and you will learn about it.

A viewer of my channel wanted to know about the idiom: "Take it easy on me."  So, I made a video to help him out and I hope you learn something from it too.  

Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake sang together.  The have a Bro-mance

Your Eyes are Glued came from the new royal baby.

Think differently or THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX!

Problems with psychology.  Here are Inner Demons!

Learn "Pass the Salt and Pepper" from Bolivia!

There's a phrase for surprise called "DARK HORSE."  

I will keep making more videos with idioms, so make sure to subscribe to my FREE Newsletter below and I will tell you when new ones come out.  HAPPY LEARNING!

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