English Language Learning for the 21st Century

For better English language learning, lessons should be fun, engaging, quick and interactive with modern media. Students all over the world are connected to the Internet via their computers, tablets, cell phones or you name it. Just standing in front of them and giving them a lecture is not going to cut it anymore. You’re better off teaching them in class and allowing them to view a video online or some other type of interactive media.

The Kahn Academy has really revolutionized teaching around the world. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll definitely want to check it out. He was a former hedge fund manager who started giving simple math lessons online utilizing YouTube. It took off right away and viewers from all around the world started watching his videos. Even Bill Gates’ kids started watching his videos and learned algebra from them. Gates was so impressed that he gave Kahn $15 million to start a nonprofit organization to teach people all over the world.  His lessons have started a whole new term called “flipping” the classroom and many school districts have implemented it.

I started to make my own video lessons for English language learners and I have learned a few tricks along the way.  The biggest thing that I noticed was the attention span of students. They want quick videos that are under three minutes. When I viewed my viewer statistics on YouTube I had noticed that after the two or three minute mark, the viewership went way down.  

I also learned that I needed to make different videos related to different topics. So I started to build English language learning around popular themes like movies, music, best-selling books, travel, sports and even the news. Once I started to do that, I received many more subscribers on my YouTube channel. Take a look at the following videos below:

Napa Valley was the Destination of the month from Wikitravel!

Below is an example of how Rihanna and Eminem can be a great tool for English Language Learning!

Or you can see how a #1 Best-Selling Book Can Help Students!

It’s also important to change scenes in your videos very quickly. If you look at most shows on TV, they will change the transition from one scene to the next every 7 to 15 seconds. That is because people’s minds, especially nowadays, want quick action. We are programmed in the age of Facebook, Twitter, video games and everything else that makes our world buzz around us. Therefore it’s important to make your lessons quick and snappy so that students retain a lot more.

English–quickly.com was started to help anybody around the world learn English quickly using fast tutorials around interesting themes.  I will constantly be improving upon how I deliver my free video lessons, so make sure to sign up for my FREE Newsletter because I will always reveal new research. You also want to follow my blog because that is where I will put all of my current lessons.

Thanks so much for your time and happy learning! 

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