English Tenses in 3 Minutes

You will learn all of the English tenses in 212 seconds with the video below.  Click it to see all of them and below that, I list each tense with the verb "to run."

Run is an irregular verb, so the conjugation changes.  Each example has the positive or affirmative, negative and the question form.  There are 17, so happy learning!

The simple present tense:

She runs. She does not run. Does she run?

The present progressive tense:

She is running. She is not running. Is she running?

The simple past tense:

She ran. She did not run. Did she run?

The past progressive tense:

She was running. She was not running. Was she running?

The present perfect tense:

She has run. She has not run. Has she run?

The present perfect progressive tense:

She has been running. She has not been running. Has she been running?

The past perfect tense:

She had run. She had not run. Had she run?

The past perfect progressive tense:

She had been running. She had not been running. Had she been running?

The future tense using 'Will'

She will run. She will not run. Will she run?

The future tense using "Going to"

She is going to run. She is not going to run. Is she going to run?

The future progressive tense:

She will be running. She will not be running. Will she be running?

The future 2 tense:

She will have run. She will not have run. Will she have run?

The future 2 progressive tense:

She will have been running. She will not have been running. Will she have been running?

The conditional 1 tense:

She would run. She would not run. Would she run?

The conditional 1 progressive tense:

She would be running. She would not be running. Would she be running?

The conditional 2 tense:

She would have run. She would not have run. Would she have run?

The conditional 2 progressive:

She would have been running. She would have not been running. Would she have been running?

I made this so you can see quickly all of the English tenses.  Don't worry about learning every detail.  It's good to know a little English structure, but it is more important to practice English with topics that you like.ro

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Happy Learning!

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