Equality for all citizens

by Kleber Freitas
(São Paulo, Brazil)

In Brazil, civil union has not the same rights as the marriage does (heritage, adoption). Our supreme court recognized in 2011 the same sex unions, and based on that veredict, it was ordered this year that all registries in the country cannot oppose to any people who wants get married. It was kind of an imposition of judiciary power, in order to guarantee minority rights against the slowness of the congress. The bigots got CRAZY (LOL). I’m tottaly for gay marriage.

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Oct 27, 2015
good post NEW
by: Akshay

Absolutely right that We should give equality to all citizens. In this way we can develop a peaceful society and country. Everyone have some rights and that point we must keep in mind. Minority have equal right like majority. We can see in developed countries where everyone have equal right and that is the main reason of its progress. Actually, I like to find content marketing but this website have a lot of good articles related to English learning and personality development.

Oct 06, 2015
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by: Amanda

This post is actually about the Equality for all citizens and i think everyone must know it and believe that is the key of development for any country. I like to read about that post which is quite good and having unique key points. any how, I fully try to find uk dissertations but this post is useful for me as a student. I must try it.

Jul 20, 2013
Great Comment
by: David

Hi Kleber,

You used some complicated words in English. I like your passion towards the subject and some great details to support your position.

You'll have to show your friends and family.

Take care,


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