From the top of my Head

by Khaled
(Dallas, Tx)

Regarding the subject, it is so difficult to go through it and hard to judge people who have this kind of desire. Basically, from the society sentiment, it is a kind of instability that control the person with such feeling to pursue his sex needs. In addition, it is far a way from the concept of the traditional relationship between man and woman for the typical meaning of the word "Family". Not only that, but getting married from someone who has the same gender close the door for the next generation from seeing the life because there is no way for the couple to introduce a new life for babies by the normal way of pregnancy. With all of that, if we try to be on par with the group who said it is fine to have the wife or husband from the same sex, there are more questions raised on mind searching for the advantage and disadvantage of same-sex marriage in our life. Also, if a person try to avoid thinking about what is normal and what is not, he will come across a lot of issues from all of the life aspects (health, social, religion ..). As appose of having the debate to find who is right and how is wrong, let us find a bevy of scientists, scholars and psychologists to study the situation and provide a clear, wide and deep picture that display the impact of a such decision on the individuals and the society in all in the future.

I like the idea of practicing my English through debates.
I wish to get feed back on my writing.


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Mar 03, 2016
nice comment NEW
by: David

You gave a very insightful answer. I wonder if scientists could ever come up with a definitive answer to that question.

Science has given people the opportunity to have kids without the traditional marriage. I've known a lot of homosexual couples with kids and it works just fine.

Thanks for the great comment!

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