Fun with English

Have fun with English by learning about interesting people, videos and events that make learning effortless.  I put subtitles into every video so you can learn a lot faster.  Enjoy! 

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Would you like to change or edit you photos?  I made three videos to help you make cool looking photos. Click on any of the links below:

Part 1       Part 2       Part 3

You can get free music from Youtube. Learn some English and learn about this great software program that will help you get more tunes.

Free Music from Youtube!

Many people think that Lionel or Leo Messi is the best soccer (football) player ever.  He plays for Barcelona and the Argentinian national soccer teams.  He has won many awards and a gold medal in the 2008 Olympics.  Do you think he's the best player of all time.  Was Pele or Maradona better?  Watch the video below and let me know your comments.

Learn English and Leo Messi.  Is he the Best Soccer Player Ever?

What is something that has been difficult in your life? Do you do things that a hard even though it is fun?  For example, have you hiked very far, but you were very tired after the walk?

We do challenges like that because it gives meaning to our lives.  A challenge is something that is hard, but we want to do it.  Watch the video below and comment on any challenges in your life.  My nephew Dustin and I had a really fun time going up Mt. Bierstadt in Colorado.      

What Can You Learn From a Difficult Challenge?

You can learn English Pronunciation a lot faster listening to topics that you like.  I will show you some websites to help you learn faster.  Happy Listeninig!

Click Here for Learning English Pronunciation

Can you sing? Could you have sung when you were young?  Watch the video below watch an amazing young boy (baby) and you'll learn about the English Idiom, "Don't Let Me Down."  

The video got over three million views on Youtube in 8 days.  

Click Here and See a Boy Sing Amazingly!

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