GOOD AFTERNOON /I AM HIEN,I AM FROM VIETNAM. I AM a high school student.i learned english from grade 3 but my english is very bad .i have no conditional to go to the english cennter to study also talk english everyday and chat with the foreigners bcuz i live in a small village.so i want to ask u that 'how should i do to improve my english quickly by myself'
besides where i live mothertonge is vietnamese so its difficult for me to practise english everyday therefore all the english words,clauses,structures i lereaned on class are easy to forget.i am confuse and am not confident when use english,uncorrectly when write englsih also dont be natural
THANKS.I am look forward to hearing from you.


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Aug 21, 2015
by: Anonymous

Hien its nice to surf the internet to learn English language. Many people all around the world are trying these ways to learn English language if they are unable to learn it from their area. best writing services is also a good resource to get the essays and articles to read.

Jul 30, 2014
You're doing great
by: David

Hi Hien,

I know it can be tought, so you should look on the internet for a language exchange partner. Check out this link on Reddit:


You could find somebody in the world that would like to practice English online.

I've also seen it on Google Plus.


I also found this article for 12 resources:


I hope that helps you out and you might also like my article about how you can learn English more quickly:


All the best,

David Claussen

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