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You can learn English online much easier with free lessons all over the Internet. I have found that the best site to learn the fastest is on YouTube. The videos there are extensive and you can learn on many topics.  I have seen great videos on the TOEFL test, grammar, vocabulary and many other interesting topics.

It’s best to leave comments with the videos because it forces you to use the language. Whenever you are interacting and using your vocabulary skills, your comprehension goes way up.  You also develop a relationship with the author of those videos and they can give you tips and tricks on the improving your English. I have seen many authors leave pleasant comments to help encourage their students.

It’s important to find themes and topics that you enjoy because your brain is much more likely to remember what you have learned. For example, if you enjoy skiing, then you should look for videos related to skiing. You might not be able to find specific examples of English tutorials related to skiing, however you can watch native English videos in skiing and then use tools like Google translate to help you learn the vocabulary that you are looking for.

On my site here, I make videos related to the most popular themes like movies, sports, best-selling books, music and anything that I find popular so that you can learn English online while enjoying an interesting topic. Check out a couple of examples below:

If the material from a video is too difficult, just watch it a few times and pick out keywords to help you learn a few things. Wait about a week and then watch the same video and you will be surprised about how much you have learned.  A great site to pick out keywords is called Wordle.  All you do is copy and paste a text and Wordle will tell you the most important words from that text.

One tip that you can do is click on the transcript button under YouTube and then you can see what the author of the video is talking about. You can simply copy and paste the text into Google translate and read it in your own native language. 

To take advantage of the great videos on YouTube, make sure to have your favorite English lessons bookmarked on your cell phone or tablet so that whenever you have a minute you can just click on the video and learn a word or two for the day. After a month you will be surprised about how much English that you have learned.

To learn English online is much simpler than it has been in the past. You know it’s going to get easier with many more advances in technology. I will be following all of those advances in technology, so sign up for my free newsletter below and I will let you know when that happens.

Thanks so much free time and happy learning!

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