Learn English Videos with Popular Subjects!

“Learn English Videos” by David Claussen

YouTube is full of free videos to help you improve your English. Most channels give lessons on grammar, vocabulary and other language learning topics. I do that as well but I like to mix in popular subjects about movies, best-selling books, music, travel and other things that I find off of the Internet that will draw your interest.

Take a look at the videos below for examples about what I mean:

Most people around the world are curious about movies, so why not give a quick lesson of some basic words. You learn two things at once: English and a fun movie you can talk about at your next cocktail party.

The same goes with music. Although most of the music that I will report on his music that I usually don’t listen to, but it’s very popular so why not talk about it.

I love to travel and the pictures that I get from wiki travel and other sites make it a very visual tool to comprehend a lot of English.

It’s always fun to know what people are reading. The best-selling books often are made into movies and their words find their way into the spoken language. There are so many exciting and new themes with books so that’s why I like to talk about them as well. 

I’m always coming across new topics for my videos because the Internet is always changing and it’s fun to keep up with all of the new innovations. I’ll constantly make new types of videos so make sure to look at my blog for all the latest.

I know that it’s difficult to learn a foreign language because I lived in Germany, Switzerland and Guatemala for about four years. Those adventures took me on a journey of learning German and Spanish and there are many tricks that I picked up to help you learn English more quickly. I’ve also been teaching English as a second language for over 16 years and so I will bring all those tips into my “learn English videos.”  For example, I always like to put in subtitles because it’s good to see the spoken language while you are hearing it. The brain will really learn much more by doing it that way. The brain also loves colorful subjects so that’s why I mix in a lot of pictures and other visual things. 

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Thanks so much for your time and happy learning!

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