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Learn English grammar quickly with my videos.  When I was learning German and Spanish, I just wanted the basic rules so that I spoke fairly correctly.  I enjoyed learning about the news, sports, and other fun things.  

Therefore, I just created this fast, 4 MINUTE VIDEO, of the basics of grammar and I wrote it down below.  Check them out and then you'll know the basics of English.  Please comment below on any questions that you have.


The English language has 8 major word groups and you will learn them now in a fast amount of time.

1. Nouns are persons, places, things or ideas.

Examples of Nouns:

The MAN ran.

DAVID played with his DOG.

NEW YORK is a beautiful CITY.  

2. Verbs show action.  

Examples of Verbs:

The boy TALKED with the girl.

I SEE the cars DRIVING on the street every day.

They HAVE BEEN to the movies.

3. Pronouns replace nouns.  

Examples of Pronouns:

HE (the man) is talking to HER (the woman).

THEY are writing IT down.

I will find THEM.

4. Adjectives describe a noun or a pronoun.  

Examples of Adjectives:

She is a PRETTY woman.  

The man owns THREE cars.

They are HAPPY people.

5. Adverbs describe a verb, an adjective, or another adverb.

Examples of Adverbs:

They will go OUTSIDE.

She did that CORRECTLY.

The boy behaved BADLY.

6. Conjunctions join words, phrases or clauses.

Examples of Conjunctions:

The boy AND the girl played in the park.

I put a coat on BECAUSE it is cold.

You shoud come here OR go home.

7. Prepositions show the relationship of a noun or pronoun to another word.

Examples of Prepositions:

My hand is ABOVE my head.

The pencil is ON the table.

I walked ACROSS the street.

8. Interjections are used to express strong emotions

Examples of Interjections:


Great work!

Excuse me!

Those are the 8 parts of speech in the English language. It's a fast way to learn English grammar because I thinks it's better to learn about things that you like.

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Thanks for your time and Happy Learning!

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