Learn English Quickly with Debates

You can learn English quickly when you use your emotions like anger, joy, sadness, love and all the different adjectives of emotions.  This page I want to use for debates because it usually makes people angry or "warm-blooded." 

You will learn so many words and it is a great way to interact with people which is also so important for learning a language.  

Remember DESI and debating will help with emotions, interactions and possibly desire.  So go crazy and let's "beat each other up a bit."

Many people get very emotional with the topic of same-sex marriage or gay marriage. Learn about it and give your opinion about it.

Click Here to Learn about Same-Sex Marriage

The Egyptian military has removed president Morsi from power because he was part of the Muslim Brotherhood.  

Click on the video and let me know your opinion about the situation in Egypt.  

You will also learn about Jay-Z, the singer.

This debate deals with the Civil War in Syria.  It has been going on since 2011 and the government has oppressed many people.  In fact, they have used chemical weapons on the rebels, the people who are trying to take the government.  

The question is whether the United States should get involved with the conflict.  President Obama wants to send small amounts of military equipment to the rebels.  Do you think that's a good idea?

Watch this Video and Let Me Know in the Comments Section Your Opinion!

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