Learn Real English with Daily Activities

You can learn real English in just a few minutes.  I will make quick videos that you can use to interact with me.  I would like to know about your culture and countries.  It makes learning fun and your language skills will improve much more quickly.

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Newspapers, TV and the internet is full of advertising.  Learn more about it and the vocabulary that goes with it like deals, coupons, discounts and much more.

Learn Real English with Advertising!

My wife and daughter were out of town and the NBA finals were on.  It was a very important game for basketball fans, so I thought I would barbecue some steaks, bratwurst and potatoes.  I was cheering for the San Antonio Spurs, so take a look at the video in the link below to see who won. 

Do you cook anything special for special sports events in your county? Maybe for a big soccer (football) game or the World's Cup? Let me know in the comments section below!

Click Here to Learn About a Barbecue in America!

What do you like to do in the morning?  What kind of drink do you like for breakfast? Tea, coffee, orange juice or something else?

In this video, you could watch something that might by dying because of modern electronics. Take a look at the video and give your comments below!

How Do You Get Your News?

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