Speak English Fluently Using 2 Free Programs

You can speak English fluently with Dictanote and Select & Speak. Fluency is about listening to a lot of English and then practicing with your voice.  By doing these exercises  you'll actually train the muscles in your mouth to speak like a native speaker.  

Watch the video below and see how much you can improve your verbal English!

You can watch Speak English Fluently on Youtube!

Like anything in life, you have to practice at it to get better.  Becoming like a native speaker takes time, but if you put in 5 to 10 minuets a day, then you will be speaking very well after one year.  

You will probably always have an accent, but your fluency will be so much better.  Let me know in the comments section about anything you've done to improve your fluency.  I would like to know, so I can help many more people.   

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Happy Learning!