Travel English with Quick Videos

You will learn travel English and much more with my fast videos.  I pick popular destinations around the world and teach you about the place while teaching you language skills.  

I hope you enjoy them and please give me any comments that you have.

I have many students from Brazil, so I wanted to do a few videos about that great country.  

There are 3 videos about Football, the Best Destinations and Basic Facts.  You'll Love Them!

Click Here and Enjoy Brazil!

Learn English from Dubrovnik, Croatia   This beautiful city is called the "Pearl on the Adriatic."

They went from war to absolute beauty in less than a decade.

Travel English from the Canary Islands  They are 7 islands in the Atlantic Ocean and they are a part of Spain.  Come learn about a cool park that they have and some great food.

Do you know what country they belong to? Click the picture and find out!

Learn English from Dubai     You will learn about the best hotel, restaurant and attractions from this great city!

This city used to be a desert and now it's a paradise.

Learn English from Hong Kong   You will learn about two types of food that they eat, a couple of festivals and much more.

This city is growing all of the time.

Learn English from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia  I got a lot of comments from a viewer of my Youtube channel who was from Saudi Arabia, so I did a quick video of it.  Great food!

You can also take a cool camel ride.

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